The foundation of a modern, digital government is data – accessible, reliable data that can be used to inform research and decision-making.

By safely integrating and de-identifying data from across government, we can gain new insights about population-level trends and complex issues, which can ultimately lead to better programs, policies and services for British Columbians.

Create an updated digital and data policy framework, starting with modernizing Core Policy on information management and information technology.

Better use of data to support the public good while protecting sensitive and personal information.

Launch a sustained public dialogue on the use of digital technologies and data for social, environmental and economic benefit.

Co-development of a trusted approach to using digital technologies and data to better serve people and businesses in British Columbia.

Deliver the Data Innovation Program, which provides ministries with safely integrated cross-government data to better understand important policy issues.

Improved decision-making about some of B.C.’s most complex issues.

Identify priority data registers and invest in making them easy to use and re-use.

Improved service delivery for citizens, who will no longer need to understand how government is organized to find the services they need.