Our first priority is designing and delivering simple, easy-to-use online services for British Columbians.

We think modern online services should be:

  • Based on user needs (as identified by users themselves)
  • Designed and tested with the people who will be using them
  • Accessible and inclusive for all British Columbians
  • Designed to work end-to-end
  • Joined across all channels (online, phone, mail, face-to-face)

Launch digital service principles that set the expectation teams will use user-focused, agile approaches, open standards and common components to develop online services.

Online services meet British Columbians’ modern expectations.

Identify and invest in self-serve and easy-to-use common components.

People will have a common experience of government, and digital teams will be able to deliver services quickly and cost-effectively.

Improve BC Services Card onboarding to make it simpler for ministries to use.

British Columbians will have a safe, common way to identify who they are then interacting with government.

Scale OrgBook BC and the Verifiable Organizations Network to help people share and verify important credentials about B.C. businesses.

Faster, more streamlined services for B.C. businesses.

Deliver two new online services to demonstrate the value of modern tools and ways of working.

Two new online services – fast, simple and intuitive to use – meet the needs of British Columbians.