By partnering with academic institutions and companies, government can co-develop new products and services for citizens and help grow B.C.’s digital economy. We also need to partner with communities and other levels of government and First Nations to ensure everyone can thrive in the Internet era.

Extend and share B.C.’s world-leading digital procurement programs, such as Sprint With Us.

Government procurement will help grow local economies, create local jobs, and take advantage of made-in-B.C. innovations.

Launch, a website that will showcase our work on digital government.

B.C.’s work on digital transformation will be shared and amplified, helping us connect with partners.

Continue expanding connectivity for rural and Indigenous communities in B.C.

Increased economic and social development, educational opportunities, access to online services, health and public safety for all British Columbians.

Provide guidance and support for developing data commons.

Enhanced collaboration with industry and other levels of government and First Nations to solve complex problems using data.