Government’s digital transformation is being driven by BC Public Service employees, so we need to ensure they are empowered with modern processes, tools and practices to do their best work.

Create a Digital Services Office and appoint a Chief Digital Officer to help bring modern tools and ways of working into the hands of BC Public Service employees.

BC Public Service employees will have the access, support and guidance they need to use modern tools and ways of working.

Modernize the way government funds technology.

Funding for priority digital initiatives will be evidence-based, faster, more flexible and agile, and ensure better value for citizens.

Provide clear direction to government on the use of modern tools and infrastructure.

Digital teams will have the tools they need to deliver better value to citizens, faster.

Create a program to develop and retain existing digital talent within the BC Public Service, and to attract new talent from outside government.

The BC Public Service will be better equipped to deliver government’s priorities.