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Aries VCR (OrgBook)


Aries Verifiable Credentials Registry (Aries VCR) is the foundation of OrgBook, and a template for creating a standalone network of Verifiable Credentials for organizations.

It provides the technology infrastructure for having:

  1. A core set of Verifiable Credentials describing organizations, such as incorporation details and ID numbers.
  2. Verifiable Credentials issued against those organizations, such as various permits and licenses.

As well as the digital wallet to store these credentials—an authoritative public registry—Aries VCR offers a client website for conducting searches, and an API with webhooks to access credentials directly.


Diagram showing the relationship between various VC technologies.


  • Built on ACA-Py technology
  • Client website is skinnable and localizable
  • Requires issuers to learn the basics of Verifiable Credentials

Developer starting points


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