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Indy Node


Hyperledger Indy is the software foundation for private, secure, and powerful identity. Specifically, it’s a collection of tools, libraries, and reusable components that use a distributed ledger.

Indy Node contains everything required to run the node of a distributed ledger for Self-Sovereign Identity. It’s separate from, but commonly associated with, the distributed ledger from Sovrin Foundation.

If you simply use Aries frameworks and higher layers for your Verifiable Credentials projects, you probably do not need to concern yourself with Indy and other lower layers.


Diagram showing the relationship between various VC technologies.


  • Can be used with Sovrin Network or any other suitable distributed ledger
  • Follows best practices in key management and cybersecurity
  • Based on Redundant Byzantine Fault Tolerance (RBFT)
  • Robust to system failure and resilient to hacking

Developer starting points


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