How to acquire SaaS

This guide explains what you need to do to comply with legislative and policy requirements, and minimize risk to the Province, when acquiring Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. SaaS is designed for the majority of customers to purchase it without sustained one-on-one interaction with a human being.

This guide applies to you if:

  • You want to acquire SaaS from a commercial provider and your estimated procurement value, including all options for renewals, is less than $250,000
  • The software will be licensed on a subscription basis, accessed via a web browser and requires no installation, minimal management and no development
  • The SaaS solution you’re hoping to purchase is not already licensed at the enterprise level or licensed for use by your ministry or branch

If your procurement value is $75,000 or more, procurement planning will be your first step and you will need to consult a ministry procurement specialist. If your procurement value is $250,000 or more you must engage with Procurement Services Branch.