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Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) is a foundation for building Verifiable Credential (VC) ecosystems. It supports issuing, verifying, and holding VCs.

With ACA-Py, developers can build Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) services without learning the nuts and bolts of low-level SDKs. You create a business logic “controller” that talks to ACA-Py, and ACA-Py does the rest.


Diagram showing the relationship between various VC technologies.


  • Provides a communications framework and a secure wallet
  • Uses Hyperledger Indy’s VCs
  • Implements Aries RFCs features and protocols
  • Written in Python but controlled over HTTP, so you can write your business logic controller in any language
  • Runs in the cloud, and can be a cloud “edge” agent
  • Cannot run as an “edge” agent on mobile, but a separate mobile agent (e.g. a wallet app) could communicate with it

Developer starting points


  • (Coming soon)


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