• Building web content that works for all audiences

    Whether you’re updating a popular page or starting from scratch, web content has to work well, look good and bring value to all audiences. Make sure your content works for everyone!


  • How BC Parks made it easier to find parks near you

    For the BC Parks design research team, updating park search was a top priority following the launch of their new website. Learn how designing with people helped the team make it easier to find parks near you.


  • How Team Heartwood puts people first with their research approach

    Meet Team Heartwood, an Agile product team from the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship (WLRS) working to create and improve digital services for the Ministry of Forests.


  • A person reads a book and another holds a checklist. The letter W in the background features symbols of no wi-fi, an eye and an ear.

    Making it easier to create accessible products

    We’re thrilled to introduce a simplified companion guide, designed to help designers, developers and content writers quickly identify the specific WCAG standards they need to follow to make their products accessible.


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