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About BC Digital Trust

Organisations and teams in British Columbia, Canada are contributing to the fields of Digital Trust and Verifiable Credentials.

This website, a preview and work-in-progress, is built and maintained by the Digital Identity and Trust Program within the British Columbia Ministry of Citizens’ Services. The Digital Identity and Trust program leads BC Digital trust efforts in partnership with ministry organizations. As such, alignment to the Digital Framework is a driving factor in this work.

This website is also resource for the open community to explore these new technologies, whether you’re a stakeholder exploring new horizons, a project lead putting Digital Trust building blocks together, or a developer getting into the details of the latest code.

Feedback is welcomed via the Contact page. This site is the evolution of, the Verifiable Organizations Network that focused on trustworthy data about organizations.

Notable community members and organizations


Hyperledger logo

Hyperledger is an open source community supported by The Linux Foundation. It’s focused on frameworks, tools and libraries for distributed ledger deployments, including digital trust and verifiable credentials.

Sovrin Foundation

Sovrin Foundation logo

The Sovrin Foundation is a non-profit organization that administers the Sovrin Network, a public-service utility for Self-Sovereign Identity.

Trust Over IP Foundation

Trust Over IP Foundation logo

The Trust Over IP Foundation is a group of organizations defining the architecture of digital trust. Key reading includes the Introductory whitepaper.

World Wide Web Consortium

The W3C has many working groups and resources for Digital Trust, such as the Verifiable Credentials data model and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) data model.


Need to speak to someone in the BC community about Digital Trust? Get in touch.