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BC Wallet – Technology Overview

Note: this is technical information on BC Wallet. More general information on BC Wallet can be found on the main Government of British Columbia website. 

BC Wallet is an app available for iOS and Android. It is developed by the Government of British Columbia. 

It allows a person to receive, store (hold), and use (present) digital credentials in the Verifiable Credentials (VC) format. It is positioned at level 3 of the Trust Over IP Stack

There is also a mediator service, based on Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) and again using open-source code. This service passes requests to and from the wallet. This is necessary given the potential unavailability of a mobile wallet agent due to the device being powered off or having no Internet access. Note that the mediator cannot read the encrypted messages that it routes. 

A diagram showing the trust triangle for BC Wallet, with Issuers, Verifiers, BC Wallet, a mediator, and the Trust Registry.

Because of the technology of Verifiable Credentials and the Trust Over IP stack, verifiers never need to contact the issuer to validate a Verifiable Credential. This trust is instead assured through cryptographically protected information in the Verifiable Credential, and through the use of a decentralized Trust Registry. This gives BC Wallet users a high degree of confidentiality when they present their credentials. 

BC Wallet’s code is open source. It uses the core of Bifold, a mobile wallet app written in React Native. Bifold, in turn, uses Aries Framework JavaScript (AFJ) as its Verifiable Credentials agent. 

AFJ shown as a rectangle within 'Bifold core functionality', which in turn is a rectangle within 'BC Wallet'.

How to get BC Wallet 

Download on the App Store

Using BC Wallet 

There are few Verifiable Credentials available at present. However, to see BC Wallet in action, we recommend the BC Wallet Showcase website


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