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Verifiable Credentials for People


Verifiable Credentials (VCs) for people is an exploratory project focused on VCs that get issued to, and held by, individuals as opposed to organizations.


  1. Issuer Kit (from BC Gov DITP team): Proof of Concept software that lets an organization issue VCs to individuals
  2. Digital Wallet (from many third parties): the app on a person’s cell phone that stores their VCs
  3. Verifier Kit (from BC Gov DITP team): Proof of Concept software that lets an organization request and verify an individual’s VC
  4. Distributed Ledger (from Sovrin Foundation and others): the data registry that’s used to verify who’s who and what they’re presenting.

Using current technologies, the experience for a holder, and the architecture behind the scenes using DITP technologies, is shown below.

An architecture diagram of the flow back and forth as a holder (a person) gets issued credentials, and then uses them to verify themselves to a verifier.


  • People gain control over their own credentials and how they’re shared, a key part of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)
  • Credentials are tamperproof and easy to verify that they came from the right issuer, all without the need for the verifier to be contacted
  • Only some parts of a credential can be presented to a verifying organization, further protecting privacy—for example, proving you’ve over 19 rather than revealing your date of birth
  • Credentials are validated using a distributed ledger such as a blockchain, so there is no centralized control over data, and the validation options are highly available.

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