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Projects Overview

Here’s a summary of various BC projects underway in digital trust and Verifiable Credentials.

OrgBook BC

OrgBook BC is a live service from the Government of BC. It contains Verifiable Credentials for organizations in British Columbia, Canada.

It’s based on Aries VCR, a technology for deploying your own version of OrgBook.

Verifiable Credentials for People

Verifiable Credentials for People is as it sounds: a project to explore the issuing and verifying of Verifiable Credentials for individuals, as opposed to organizations.

The Issuer Kit and Verifier Kit Proofs of Concept support the creation of VC ecosystems for people.

Three layers of projects in BC, including Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Aries, and then VC projects for organizations (OrgBook BC) and people.

Traction SaaS for BC Gov

Coming soon.

Project Demonstrations

There are three project demonstrations you can explore and run yourself:

  1. Safe Entry BC Demo: A prototype of a contactless way to manage access to a facility, using Verifiable Credentials
  2. Conference Book Demo: A demo showing the use of Verifiable Credentials for attending a conference
  3. Chat Server Demo: A demo giving access to a chat service using Verifiable Credentials


Need to speak to someone in the BC community about Digital Trust? Get in touch.