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Digital Code of Practice

Policies and standards

The Digital Code of Practice supports the implementation of our Digital Principles by expanding on what good digital products and services look like.

Steps for digital service delivery

Digital delivery guidance

Quality digital products increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

Digital service topics

Digital delivery guidance

Explore guides and resources to help deliver excellent digital services.

Digital Code of Practice application and policy authority

Policies and standards

The Digital Code of Practice is an operational policy released by the Government Chief Information Officer.

Digital Code of Practice: Build diverse teams and internal capacity

Policies and standards

Delivering great services means creating diverse, capable teams and giving them the support and flexibility that they need to do their jobs right.

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Digital Code of Practice: Work in the open

Policies and standards

Open ways of working build public trust in government, encourage innovation, improve our services and make it easier for people to access information.

Digital Code of Practice: Design with people and embed inclusion

Policies and standards

The most important goal of a digital service is to meet the needs of all people who use it.

Digital Code of Practice: Take an ecosystem approach

Policies and standards

Teams that take an ecosystem approach consider the entire government digital ecosystem in their work.

Digital Code of Practice: Deliver value for people who live in B.C. and cultivate trust

Policies and standards

Government services should be efficient, reliable, fair and safe.