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Digital trust 101

Learn the basics about digital trust, digital credentials and online identities.

Explore digital credential solutions

Learn how your ministry can provide access to services, sign documents, issue credentials and send messages, all securely and safely.

Find an online identity solution for your service

Compare the benefits of the current online identity solutions offered in B.C. and find the best option for your project.

Making digital credentials work

Examples of how digital trust is being used by people and organizations in B.C.

Energy and Mines Digital Trust

Learn how we improved transparency and efficiency in the mining sector.

Justice project

The justice ecosystem project created new opportunities for lawyers to access sensitive court documents online.

OrgBook BC

OrgBook BC is a searchable, up-to-date public directory of B.C. organizations.

BC Wallet

BC Wallet is a smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices. It lets you receive, store and present digital credentials such as permits, identities and licenses.

Technical overview

Understand the technologies powering digital trust products and what your developers need to know.

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