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Digital Plan

Policies and standards

The Digital Plan has 4 missions to achieve the next phase of digital transformation in government.

Digital Code of Practice

Policies and standards

The Digital Code of Practice supports the implementation of our Digital Principles by expanding on what good digital products and services look like.

Steps for digital service delivery

Digital delivery guidance

Quality digital products increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

Digital service topics

Digital delivery guidance

Explore guides and resources to help deliver excellent digital services.

Digital investment 101

Digital delivery guidance

Learn everything you need to know before starting the Information Management and Information Technology (IM/IT) capital funding process. 

Contribute to the blog


Learn how to share the great work of your team and ministry on the blog.

Sustaining digital services in the natural resource sector

Blog post

NRIDS needed a way to sustain 5 digital services without standalone teams to support them. Learn how the Sustainment Team was formed to solve the problem.

Cutting paperwork with BC Registries and Online Services

Blog post

Find out how the new Service BC digital platform provides improved and expanded access to government services.

About the blog

Blog post

Our goal is to give all BC public sector employees a place to publish and share the great work of their teams and ministries.

Modernizing digital data with BC Parks

Learn how the team at BC Parks collaborated with the BC Data Service on their recent Data Register Pilot to enable the connected services people in B.C. want.