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Working on an Agile team

Digital delivery guidance

Agile teams build products and services in a way that is iterative, adaptive and responsive to people’s needs and expectations.

Agile community of practice

Community of practice

BC Public Service employees gather to share Agile best practices.

Digital Code of Practice: Continuously learn and improve

Policies and standards

This practice is about delivering products and services using flexible, iterative and user-centred methods

Content style guide


This guide can be used by teams creating content for digital products, like an app or a form.

Steps for digital service delivery

Digital delivery guidance

Quality digital products increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Solution

Digital delivery guidance

SDN Solution helps to increase business agility for our clients by providing self-service access.

Private cloud hosting 101

Digital delivery guidance

Learn about private cloud hosting in the B.C. government and determine if it’s the right option for your product or service.

Leveraging OpenShift to modernize application integration

Blog post

Discover how the Justice and Public Safety sector’s integration services team is using OpenShift to modernize how their sector integrates applications.

Communities of practice

Community of practice

Our communities of practices (CoP) help BC Public Service employees share knowledge, expertise and best practices related to their roles or areas of interest.

Digital service topics

Digital delivery guidance

Explore guides and resources to help deliver excellent digital services.