Address Complete

Canada Post / BC Mail Plus

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If your government program collects mailing addresses, the Canada Post Address Complete service can reduce input errors and save your staff time. This service is offered through BC Mail Plus and is available to all organizations within the Government of BC.

Clients or staff can start filling in an address and instantly see the complete address pop up as they type. The auto-complete feature makes addresses more accurate, more consistent, and it reduces keystrokes by up to 80 per cent.  Drag-and-drop features let you drag partial addresses into the service for completion, and drop them into a letter or form.

If you collect international addresses, your clients can set the destination country and the service will automatically format the address for the destination. With the right language and format, international mailings will be delivered faster and more securely to the recipient you intended.

Drag-and-drop features also let you easily convert a whole mailing list to a standard format, helping you eliminate errors and duplicates.

Use Address Complete to:

  • Ensure mailing addresses are collected accurately and consistently
  • Streamline the process for clients to complete online registrations