API Program Services

BC Data Service (formerly DataBC)

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The API Program Services (APS) platform is a secure, stable, highly-available API gateway, management portal and directory that handles more than 2.6 billion API requests per year for B.C. government ministries and third-party applications built on public sector data.

Digital teams that develop applications based on B.C. government APIs can use the platform’s API Directory to easily find and securely request access to the APIs they need.

API providers within the B.C. government can use the full range of APS platform services to:

  • Manage all of their APIs in a centralized, secure environment.
  • Configure, test and publish APIs, track usage and other metrics, and enforce API policies across their full life cycle.
  • Implement comprehensive authentication and security including rate limiting, threat protection, encryption, and third-party authentication.
  • Support government-standard digital identities for issuing API credentials, such as IDIR and BC Services Card login.

Control their branding and user experience with customizable URLs.