BC Address Geocoder


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If you need to identify precise physical locations in British Columbia, the BC Address Geocoder is a powerful tool. It provides reliable, unambiguous locations in a standardized address format. If you know a physical location, it can provide a civic address or a variety of non-civic addresses.

The BC Address Geocoder tells you not only a street address, but also the precise latitude and longitude of physical locations and place names in B.C. You can also use it to correct and standardize civic and non-civic addresses, locate intersections, identify land parcels associated with specific addresses, or even find all addresses in a given area.

The system draws from several authoritative sources including local governments across B.C. and the BC Assessment Authority. This range of resources ensures that you can identify locations such as highway addresses, buildings on First Nations Reserves, electoral areas and areas that are not on a road network.

The BC Address Geocoder can be used for real-time validation and in batch mode, helping people manage large lists with millions of addresses.