BC Express Pay

Banking and Cash Management

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BC Express Pay manages online credit card payments for e-commerce transactions. It lets clients pay for goods and services securely using their credit or debit cards on the internet.

All core government programs are mandated to use BC Express Pay for e-commerce transactions. The broader public sector can also use it through a Corporate Supply Arrangement. A simple payment page takes customers to the payment processor to enter payment information.

Use BC Express Pay to:

  • Process credit card transactions including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, and Debit Mastercard whether for one-time or recurring transactions
  • Accept simple orders using a payment link on your website
  • Manage varied payments on an integrated e-commerce store-front system for your products and services

Reduces time-consuming tasks

BC Express Pay offers simple processes to reconcile accounts, manage settlements and process pre-authorizations, returns and refunds. Data capture is automatic. You can create real-time reports via your financial institution and daily transaction reports via the banking and cash management branch.

Offers flexible options

Select a range of options from a fully integrated BC Express Pay storefront to simple payment links within existing web pages.