BC Route Planner


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To send staff or vehicles to locations in B.C., the BC Route Planner tells you the shortest or fastest road route between start and end points. The tool can provide lots of information including details of the route, distance, time, and directions.

Enter the starting point and any stops on the way to the final destination. The BC Route Planner determines the optimal route and can re-order any stops to avoid wasted time. You save your staff the time of determining their own route, and manage the time they use on the road.

To route trucks efficiently, the BC Route Planner includes options to account for designated truck routes and restrictions, as well as vehicle height and weight restrictions. For deliveries and pick-ups, you can plan multiple stops and specify the correct side of the road.

When you plan trips in advance, you can manage the expenses of staff time, fuel and vehicle wear. You can also improve staff safety by ensuring enough travel time and avoiding known road hazards.

Use the BC Route Planner to:
• Schedule staff for multiple client visits
• Plan timing and routes for staff to visit a remote location
• Plan shipping routes for the most efficient staff time and fuel use