BC Services Card

Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM)

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The BC Services Card Identity and Authentication Service is managed by the Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM) Program in Service BC. The service provides cardholders the ability to prove their identity to access government services in-person and online using a physical or digital BC Services Card.

The Service also provides trustworthy identity information about a cardholder to clients who onboard to use the Service. It is a single, secure, government ID and credential issued by the Province to British Columbians for identification and access to services. The Service manages personal identity information about cardholders and the electronic credentials that are issued to those cardholders.

The Service supports client transactions that require a high level of identity assurance (level 3). It is recommended that the BC Services Card Authentication Service be the first choice for clients with BCeID as an alternate option for those who require an out-of-province solution or information about the organization an individual is representing.

Cardholders can use their mobile BC Services Card on their mobile device to access services online with confidence that the Service meets the highest privacy standards in the Province. No unnecessary data is shared or stored.

Use the B.C. Services Card Authentication Service to:

  • Verify the identity of an individual
  • Provide identity information attributes about an individual, as appropriate
  • Enable individual access to services online using a mobile BC Services Card