Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM)

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The BCeID Identity and Authentication Service is managed by the Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM) Program in Service BC. The Service is available to people who are seeking secure and safe access to government services online without using a BC Services Card.

The Service is available to people who are require safe, public sector, services online with an easy-to-use log-in system. It is a centralized and consistent way to verify the identity of an individual by providing:

  • Individuals, businesses and organizations access to numerous government services online with an easy-to-use, secure, single sign-on credential
  • Convenient user access that requires only a username and password
  • Standard implementation of authentication and authorization policy
  • Cost savings to government through economies of scale for IT infrastructure and expertise

Use the Basic BCeID Service to:

  • Access online services in a personal capacity
  • Self-register online without having to provide any proof of identity

Use the Business BCeID Service to:

  • Represent a legal entity, such as a verified business or organization
  • Manage multiple business accounts (for those who have many roles within government)
  • Initiate a business registration online and provide proof of the organization’s identity
  • Create multiple accounts for the same organization (once initial registration is approved)

Use the Personal BCeID Service (legacy clients only):

  • Access online services that require a medium level verified identity for a person interacting with government as an individual (i.e. not in a business context)
  • Online services require this level of identity-proofing when it matters that the account represents an individual with a verified level 2 authentication identity
  • The individual initiates registration online and is required to provide proof of identity to an authorized service agent at a BCeID Point of Service
  • If client require higher than level 2 please consider the mobile BC Services Card

Please note, BCeID does not require users to verify their identity before they can access a service. The BC Services Card Authentication Service is recommended for online services that require high identity assurance (level 3) or where you want to examine a physical or digital ID credential.