Common Hosted Email Service

Natural Resource Sector

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Do you want to send automatic email notifications? Sometimes when teams want to send email notifications, they need advanced controls that go beyond issuing a simple broadcast message. The Common Hosted Email Service (CHES) provides a straightforward option in these situations.

You can automate the creation of single or bulk emails and merge them with your own templates. You can specify attachments to include with specific emails. You will be able to preview what a completed email will look like in your template and make any edit needed.

A sophisticated scheduling system allows you select times and dates for delayed delivery to groups or individuals and track the status after you send them.

Use the Common Hosted Email Service to:
• Notify a list of clients of individual appointments or schedule changes
• Request information regarding specific items
• Advise contacts of process changes that apply to their cases

If you would like to automatically send SMS text messages in addition to email, consider using the Notify service.