Common Object Management Service

Natural Resource Sector

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Using COMS, take advantage of more cost-effective storage solutions for your new or existing business applications with an authorization and authentication method that suits your application’s business requirements. COMS is a secure REST API that lets you connect your application to any S3 bucket. In S3, you can store and share files, images and documents with co-workers, partners or the public.

No need to have a new project or team build and maintain similar functionality or incur high storage cost. We provide Docker Images for hosting your own Common Object Management service to assist with your document management needs or you can use the hosted service. To determine which service is best for you, review our hosting considerations.

Use COMS to:

  • Upload, download, manage and delete objects
  • Discover, update and manage object versions
  • Toggle general public access to objects
  • Grant and manage refined user object permissions
  • Flexible search and filter capabilities of metadata and tags based on user permissions