Ministry of Finance

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PayBC provides the BC Government and BC Crown Corporations with a centralized, standardized, secure and compliant platform to accept payments from citizens and businesses. This online system reduces in-person services without impeding quality and delivery.

The PayBC Portal can integrate directly with the Corporate Financial System’s accounts receivable or general ledger modules, as well as with client-specific accounts receivable systems. It can also integrate with ministry’s line of business systems through REST application programming interfaces (APIs), which enable easy and consistent data transfers. PayBC uses Provincial Treasury electronic payment services for communication between banks and government. The portal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard and offers a refund process. Payments can also be made through pre-authorized debit, online bill payments and electronic funds transfer.

Citizen and Business support is provided through the Service BC Contact Centre. Client technical support is provided by the Ministry of Finance’s Corporate Accounting Services.

Use the PayBC service to:
• Promote self-serve payment processing
• Provide a consistent payment experience for your customers
• Reduce staff time processing payments
• Reduce ongoing maintenance, audit and other costs associated with having your own payment portal