Secure File Transfer Service

Office of the Chief Information Officer

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When you need to send or receive files that are too large for email, or that need a higher level of security, the Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS) offers an easy option to get files to their intended recipients.

You can securely share files with any individual or organization that has a valid email address, including ministries, trusted external partners and the public.

You upload the files you wish to send, along with the email address of the recipient. The system sends an email notification telling the recipient that a file is waiting for them. The recipient can then download the file to their own computer and use the same system to send files to you.

The system automatically deletes files after 35 days.

Use the Secure File Transfer Service to:

  • Send a package of files to an individual or a group
  • Receive files from those you authorize
  • Set up a secure folder and share access with one or more partners

Please note – the Secure File Transfer Service is currently not available via an Application Programming Interface (API). Exploratory work is underway with the Justice and Public Safety sector to provide a modern file transfer platform for BC Government and its partners.