SiteMinder SSO

Office of the Chief Information Officer

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Maintaining data security requires a reliable system to identify users and manage their access to computer systems. The BC Government provides a highly secure Single Sign-On (SSO) service through the use of an industry-standard product known as SiteMinder.

The SiteMinder service integrates with the government’s existing centrally-managed identity providers. Ministries are discouraged from creating new identity sources and should leverage the existing sources wherever possible.

The SiteMinder service provides authentication for the following user types:

  1. IDIR
  2. BCeID
  3. BC Services Card

SiteMinder’s SSO service allows for a single login point for users. This SSO capability allows users to login once to a site or web application with their username and password, and have those same credentials be used to login to any subsequent BC provincial government site or web application that requires credentials without being prompted again.

SiteMinder provides the privacy and security you need when you are responsible for government and client data.

Please note, if you are considering SiteMinder you might also be interested in Keycloak for SSO. Keycloak supports the Open ID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 standards, which are widely supported in modern software applications.