Cloud services in the B.C. government

Cloud technology plays a pivotal role in the B.C. government’s digital transformation. It supports Missions 3 and 4 of the Digital Plan to enhance service delivery and build a digitally proficient public service.

Many of the common tools we use to communicate with citizens and clients, streamline our processes and collaborate with colleagues are now being accomplished on the cloud. They can be an effective solution for hosting applications, meeting computing needs and accessing a Software as a Service solution.

They have the potential to: 

  • Increase the agility, flexibility and speed of delivery for digital services 
  • Remove the big, up-front investments in technology to enable scaling up or down quickly 
  • Provide the ability to respond to changing demands 
  • Enhance collaboration, to limit the duplication of solutions and reduce the amount of maintenance effort required from ministries 

Cloud service options

Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from 3 cloud service options:

Private cloud

Deploy and run government services using this reliable and secure application hosting platform.

Users: Broad B.C. public sector

Cost: Free for ministry teams

Public cloud

Build and deploy applications with scalable, cost-effective pay-as-you-go hosting services.

Users: B.C government ministry teams

Cost: Varies depending on services used

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Discover guidance to learn how to adopt ready-to-use, subscription-based software applications.

Users: B.C government ministry teams

Cost: Varies depending on vendor prices and service tiers

If you’re not sure which option best suits your needs, contact us for help.