Services Team

The team behind Digital Credential Services are long-standing, active contributors to the worldwide Digital Trust communities, open standards and technologies. 

A room of people watching a presentation by John Jordan

Notably, for over five years BC has been a major contributor to the open technologies behind Digital Credentials. Several of the top ten contributors to the Digital Credential technology stack (Aries) are from the BC Digital Trust team, and each year they contribute hundreds of thousands of lines of the code that makes Digital Credentials work. 

A partial screenshot of the BC Wallet page in the Google Play store

BC has also run the OrgBook BC service since 2019. Holding over 4 million Digital Credential records on BC registered corporations, OrgBook BC is a live website service that provides validated, trustable business information. Anyone, whether in government or the private sector, can also connect to the OrgBook BC API service to use this trustable business data in their own applications and processes

More recently, the team released BC Wallet, available in both the major app stores. BC Wallet is an open-standards mobile wallet for holding and presenting Digital Credentials. It features an easy-to-use interface and the latest security and privacy technologies. The Digital Trust team is continuing to improve BC Wallet features so it can become a core part of seamless, secure Digital Credential management and use. 

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