What is Digital Trust?

People increasingly want to do more things online that make a real difference to their lives. 

Four hexagons of people and families, around a hexagon with a blue shield and lock

At the same time, cybersecurity threats such as identity theft are rapidly on the rise, and we need to continually evolve the tools and solutions to counter those threats. 

At this intersection sits Digital Trust, the idea of empowering people and businesses with safe and secure ways of identifying themselves online and communicating confidentially with others.

The Government of British Columbia has been expanding Digital Trust communities and technologies for many years. We now have a range of services and technologies that are available to take advantage of better, safer, and more flexible approaches to online identity and communication in British Columbia and beyond.

The BC Digital Trust team offers services to internal government teams to better identify BC people and organizations online, often dramatically reducing effort and costs while reducing the risk of cyber threats. We also liaise with the private sector to advance Digital Trust. 

These services range from identity services—for example, quickly being assured that a person is who they claim to be—through to services to manage ongoing relationships with people and businesses so each can communicate confidentially and immediately with the other, trusting who’s on the other end of the line. 

One technology behind these services is Digital Credentials. Digital Credentials are the digital equivalents of physical credentials such as licenses, identity documents, registrations and permits. They power our OrgBook BC service and are also stored in BC Wallet, an open-source app we have developed that’s available for smart devices. 

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