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OrgBook BC


OrgBook BC is a searchable public directory based on Verifiable Credentials. Launched in January 2019, it contains British Columbia-registered organizations, as well as credentials (e.g. government-issued licenses) connected to those organizations.

Subscriptions let anyone receive automatic updates about changes in OrgBook BC, such as new registrations and renewed licenses. An API also supports the use of OrgBook BC data in other websites, systems and processes.

Behind the scenes, OrgBook BC’s use of Verifiable Credentials means its data is tamperproof, with sources easily verified through the website.

Organizations can work with the Ministry of Citizens’ Services to issue their own credentials to OrgBook BC.

In addition, anyone can create their own OrgBook using its open-source technology.

“We have been a champion of small businesses for nearly 50 years and one of the top concerns from our members is red tape when complying with government paperwork. BC entrepreneurs will appreciate the simplicity OrgBook BC has to offer and any time and effort it will save.”

– Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses


Architecture of OrgBook BC, including a Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem at its core, where issuer agents issue to a secure wallet inside OrgBook BC.


  • Based on Hyperledger open-source frameworks
  • Run by an OrgBook BC agent that is populated by a collection of issuer agents
  • Has a website client and an API to access credentials stored in OrgBook BC
  • Automatically kept up-to-date with the latest credentials from issuers

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