Adopting the Solutions

We help B.C. government and public-sector entities to adopt BC Digital Trust Solutions. To ensure a smooth integration, we provide guidance, technical resources, and adoption frameworks along the way.

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BC Digital Trust Services

BC Digital Trust provides a range of services to help B.C. government and public-sector entities make the most out of BC Digital Trust Solutions:

Hosted Tenant

BC Digital Trust offers its solutions through Traction, using servers hosted with the B.C. Government that easily integrate into your lines of business. This eliminates the need for dedicated servers on the client side, allowing you to effortlessly issue, verify, and hold digital credentials.

Expert Consultation

BC Digital Trust provides expert consultation to help you explore digital trust opportunities, discover potential use cases, and get your digital trust project off the ground. A BC Digital Trust representative will offer tailored advice throughout the adoption journey. 

Adoption Support Resources 

BC Digital Trust is equipping adopters with information materials, tools, templates, and more to support successful transformation of your business processes. 

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