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An open-source tool that easily integrates with business applications. It simplifies the process of sending and receiving digital credentials for governments and organizations.

BC Wallet

An app that lets users receive, store and manage digital credentials such as permits, identities, and licenses. The BC Wallet allows users to connect with other BC Wallet users and verify information stored in digital credentials easily and securely.

Digital Credentials

The following foundational digital credentials are issued by the B.C. Government:

  • Person Credential: Enables individual identification using verified data from a BC Services Card account.
  • Business Card Credential: Empowers individuals to make authorized decisions on behalf of a business.

The following secondary digital credential is issued by the Law Society of British Columbia:

  • Lawyer Credential: Allows a member of the Law Society of British Columbia to prove they are a lawyer in good standing.

You can also design and issue your own digital credential with BC Digital Trust, allowing users to prove and verify information.

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