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BC Digital Trust provides innovative digital tools that enhance services for individuals and organizations.

Addressing four key areas, our Digital Credential Solutions use verifiable data to enable trusted interactions online that are user-friendly, safe, and secure.

These solutions can be used as stand-alone solutions or in combination to target your organization’s specific needs.

A four-panel overview of Digital Credential Solutions: Access, Issue, Sign and Message


Use digital credentials to provide trusted access, in-person or online.

With digital credentials, users can easily prove who they are to gain access to information and engage online securely – without a username or password. Digital credentials store data with a high degree of privacy and enable users to present trusted information that is verified (confirmed to be true). 

  • Example: A citizen can verify their identity and prove that they are a returning user, gaining secure access to a government service remotely. 


Issue and revoke digital credentials for limitless use cases. 

Digital Credential Solutions empower public sector entities to issue and revoke digital credentials to individuals, businesses, and organizations. With digital credentials, individuals and organizations can prove things about themselves and gain more control over how and where they share information. 

  • Example: A ministry can issue a permit to a mining operator, allowing them to verify that they have permission to operate under the authority of the Mines Act.


Provide a trusted signature on a web form using a digital credential.

With a BC Person Credential, users can provide tamper-proof, legally binding signatures on web forms. Using their verified name and date of birth, individuals can prove that the signature provided is truly their own. This provides an extra layer of trust that is missing from existing digital and paper-based signatures while reducing errors from manual data entry.

  • Example: An individual can easily provide a trusted digital and legally binding signature to apply for a licence or permit.


Send and receive secure messages over a confidential connection.

Digital Credential Solutions can provide a secure and confidential communication channel between users and service providers. Users and service providers can share sensitive information and data with confidence that the other party is who they say they are.

  • Example: A government ministry notifies a security business that their licence for operation is about to expire. 

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