Interoperability Tests

As Digital Trust ecosystems evolve they will require many technologies to coexist and cooperate. Worldwide projects will get larger and will start to overlap. Also, stakeholders and users will need to trust in the interoperability of technologies so they can enjoy the Digital Trust benefits. Finally, interoperability means more than just Aries agents working with each other, as it also covers worldwide standards and paves the way for broader compatibility

For all these reasons interoperability is incredibly important for Digital Credentials to flourish. 

The Government of British Columbia runs a suite of daily tests to assess interoperability across the Digital Credential landscape. 

Called Aries Agent Test Harness (AATH), it allows the wider community to review the interoperability of their work, and also helps reassure stakeholders that their investment in Digital Credentials is building towards global interoperability. 

Visit the Aries Agent Test Harness website

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