Verifiable Data Registry

A key feature of Digital Credentials is privacy. You can use your Digital Credentials without the government knowing where, when or how you are using them. In addition, people and businesses who receive your Digital Credential’s information can confirm its authenticity without contacting the issuer of your Digital Credential. This is made possible by a Verifiable Data Registry, or VDR.

A VDR is an enabling technology for Digital Credentials. It is a digital ledger containing data such as the information of issuers of a Digital Credential, information on Digital Credentials that have been revoked, and details of the types of Digital Credentials available.

The VDR does not contain:

  • The actual content of any Digital Credentials
  • People’s personal information
  • Details of transactions using Digital Credentials

British Columbia contributes to the running of a VDR so we can explore Digital Credentials further. Other Canadian jurisdictions also contribute to the running of the same VDR, making it more cost efficient, and making it easier for different Digital Credentials to work together in the future.

The contents of the VDR are public, and all the code for the VDR itself is also public.

The VDR is an example of our efforts to improve your privacy in the digital world, and to give you more control over your personal information.