Get to know the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are a set of best practices aimed at improving web accessibility. The B.C. government uses them to make digital services, websites, apps and tools easy to use for everyone.

Web accessibility 101

Accessible content isn’t just text. It’s also images, videos, code and markup in a web page or application. WCAG covers it all.

Why digital accessibility matters

Ensure people with disabilities can navigate and interact with your product.

How to understand the WCAG guidelines

Find out how to follow the WCAG criteria and improve the accessibility of your products.

Find guidance for your product or project

Understanding WCAG can be difficult. We’ve simplified the information from the official source to provide a summary of each description.

Filter by task

Select one or multiple filters to find the guidance you need.


Community of practice

Stay current on best practices for making services accessible and inclusive.

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